Why Choose A Heidelberg qmdi press?

Heidelberg QMDI presses are fully automatic 4-color, sheetfed, waterless digital printing presses. These presses eliminate the expense of film, the making of plates and everything associated with off press imaging. Because there is no film, you save time, money and labor.

Digital files are sent to the press via a high-speed network. These digital files are imaged in register directly to a plate already mounted and advanced on each of the four plate cylinders on the press. The QMDI press can cost effectively print four-color preocess priniting in quantities 500 to 25,000 up to a maximum image area of 13 by 17.75 inches at up to 10,000 impressions per hour. The Heidelberg QMDI press's digital technology in addition to its unique compact design, make it an ideal addition to any pressroom or small copy shop.

To download a QMDI specification sheet, please click here.

QMDI Certification Process

Getting to Know the Heidelberg QuickMaster DI 46-4 plus

What is “Direct Imaging” Technology?

QMDI Press Services utilizes the Heidelberg Quickmaster DI 46-4 Plus to produce high-quality full color materials on various paper stocks. DI technology makes it possible to transfer digital text and image data straight into the press without any intermediate steps such as camera work, film development, and assembly. With Direct Imaging, plates are simultaneously imaged in precise register right in the press with the aid of cutting edge laser technology, and are immediately ready to print. With its seamless digital workflow, innovative DI technology excels by eliminating time-consuming operations, reducing the consumption of materials, and significantly shortening makeready and overall job turnaround times.

What are the advantages of the Quickmaster DI?

Direct Imaging technology of the Quickmaster DI Plus allows extremely fast production of short color runs while ensuring top “print” quality. It meets the fast growing demand for smaller editions, up-to-the-minute content, low storage costs, on-demand printing and the ability to precisely address different target groups.

What run lengths is the Quickmaster DI best suited for?

The Quickmaster DI is particularly well-suited for printing short color runs of between 500 and 15,000 copies. It can quickly run even longer quantities if required.

What paper stocks and inks are suitable for the Quickmaster DI?

Our Quickmaster accepts a wide range of paper stock weights and grades from thin 60# paper to 12 point coated cover. Additionally, the Quickmaster DI Plus is also flexible where formats are concerned; it handles everything from four-color postcards to A3+ posters. The largest printable sheet size measures 12” X 18”.

How environmentally friendly is the Direct Imaging process?

The Direct Imaging process is both environmentally friendly and economical. The approach of directly imaging plates in the press gets eliminates film and developers. It also eliminates expensive disposal costs of required chemicals and heavy metals. In addition, the fast makereadies typical of the DI process reduce paper waste.

Technical data related to the Direct Imaging process.

Imaging is done at a resolution of 1,270 dpi, optimized for a screen ruling of 150 lpi. Immediately after laser imaging, the plates are ready for printing. The job-specific ink profile is calculated from the file data and relayed for presetting the inking. Ink fountains with 12 ink zones each permit precise adjustment. The dry offset process used in the Quickmaster DI offers not only fast makereadies and more reliable process monitoring and control, but also crisper halftone dots for sharp image reproduction and more brilliant colors. In addition, the temperature control unit guarantees consistent print quality, even on long runs.

What the DI is NOT.

Today, many printers are advertising "digital printing" capabilities. Most use color copiers. The Quickmaster DI Plus IS NOT a color copier. It is a true high-end offset press offering 10 times the quality, versitility and economy of a copier. To receive information regarding the Heidelberg DI 46-4 Plus offset printing press, or to schedule a demonstration of the technology, please contact QMDI Press Services.